Vitamix vs. Nutribullet – Power vs. Value? What You Need to Know Before You Buy

The Vitamix is one of the most popular blenders worldwide, and there are health gurus and smoothie shops that swear by it. There is good reason for its popularity: it is immensely powerful, it is versatile and it comes with several different kinds of attachments. But it also comes with a hefty price tag to boot.

​The Nutribullet is a relative new comer to the blender market, and it is fast becoming a favorite with many people due to its small size, its lightness and the affordable price tag that comes along with it.

​So how do Vitamix and the Nutribullet compare when pitted side by side?

Vitamix vs Nutribullet

​Before you decide which is the best blender for smoothies, compare these features.

vitamix 750 review
  • A 2.2-horsepower motor
  • Radial cooling fan that prevents the motor from overheating
  • Four-prong blade designed for crushing ice and liquefying ingredients
  • Manual control knob that gives you more control over the blender's speed
  • A seven-year warranty that protects your investment

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blendtec designer series vs vitamix 750


  • 600 Watts
  • Extractor blades designed to pulverize stems and other tough ingredients.
  • One speed
  • Extremely easy to use and clean
  • 1 year limited warranty

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When looking at out and out power, the Nutribullet doesn’t come close to the Vitamix. The Vitamix boasts a whopping 37,000 RPMs to far outweigh the Nutribullet at 10,000 RPMs, and the Vitamix’s 2 peak horse power completely dominates the Nutribullet’s 600 watts. This immense power allows the Vitamix to absolutely pulverize any food into a soft and silky texture.


The Nutribullet has a bit of a strange system, where you have to push down on the blender’s surface to initially start the blending process, but other than this it is fairly easy to use and shouldn’t cause any problems. Similarly the Vitamix has a really easy system to use where you simply pick a choice of cycle and speed and let the blender do all the work.


Probably the only downside of the Vitamix is the size of the price tag that is attached to it. Most Vitamix blenders cost about $500 and can cost up to $700, but you do pay the price for an exceptionally good piece of equipment. The Nutribullet on the other hand costs about $119 and is better suited to someone on a budget that won’t cover the cost of the Vitamix.


​The Vitamix is a highly diversified machine that can do dozens of different things. It is not simply just a juicer or smoothie maker but it can also be used to make bread, hot soups and frozen deserts such as ice cream. It offers tons of different settings and recipes that can be used in almost ever circumstance in the kitchen, and often it can be used as a part of making every meal.

​The Nutribullet doesn’t claim versatility as its strong point, but rather that it has a very specific set of skills that are used to perform a particular set of actions. And that’s what it does, and as a healthy drink fruit and vegetable extractor and juicer.


There is a big difference in size between the two products and depending on what you want to use it for, this could be the deciding factor between the two. The Nutribullet is a much smaller size, and the jug generally just makes enough liquid for one helping, which is perfect if you live alone or are the only one in the family who uses the blender. Its size also makes it a relatively easy to handle blender, it can be moved around with little fuss and makes the perfect blender for people who are constantly on the go.

The Vitamix is a big blender and you can even get a massive 64 -ounce container, and this matched with the power of the Vitamix makes it the perfect blender if you are making a meal for large groups of people and makes it easy to serve up something for the whole family to enjoy. If you love hosting dinner parties or cocktail days then this is the machine for you as it is fast, effective, large and easy to clean with a minimum amount of work.


The warranty periods for the two products also vary greatly and should your Nurtibullet malfunction or break from general wear and tear around the house within 1 and four years (depending on the model), then you are covered by the warranty.

The warranty of the Vitamix is between 5 and 7 years, and if your machine breaks or malfunctions from general use in the kitchen then they guarantee to either repair, replacement or paying back your original fee.


Both of these blenders are of the highest quality and perform admirably for their respective price range. If you have a large family, a bigger budget and plan to do more than make smoothies then the Vitamix is the way to go. However the Nutribullet is great for single person use and convenience, as well as being a much cheaper option.

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