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The Vitamix S30 is the newest addition to the Vitamix family, and is designed to stylishly take on personal blending. Perfect for the traveler, the on-the-go snacker, the blending connoisseur with limited counter space or someone who typically preparing meals for one, this blender’s largest container is only 40 ounces, and its portable cup is 20 ounces.

​The Vitamix S30 review below is a comprehensive guide that should be used to make an informed decision regarding the purchase of the Vitamix S30 blender.

Ease of Use




Blend Ability




We Liked:

  • Its high quality construction 
  • Its smaller jug for meals on-the-go
  • Ability to make great smoothies
  • The multi-functional purpose
  • The cookbook that is included

We Didn't Like:

  • Can be difficult to clean
  • Large pricetag
  • "One size fits all" blending option
  • Expensive replacement parts

Summary: The Vitamix S30 is, in our opinion, the top personal blender on the market right now. While it may seem a bit expensive, realize that you are paying for a blender that is very unlikely to break. The durability of this blender allows you to use it everyday for years without any issue. 


Weight: At a whooping 12 pounds, most of its weight sits in the base, which takes up approximately two-thirds of its mass and taps in at approximately 8 pounds. Its solid construction and rounded curves give it the look of a kitchen gadget covered in armor.

vitamix s30 personal blender comes with portable containers

Portable Containers: The 20-ounce container and 40-ounce pitcher portray similar craftsmanship to the base. They are an incredibly secure and sound design. Their durability coupled with their convenience sizes makes each perfect for creating small portions for on-the-go consumption.

Shatter Resistant: The main and larger mixing jar features a rubbery, secure lid and shatter-resistant plastic. Don’t worry about breaking this jar! The 20-ounce, portable container’s small solid locking lid and u-shaped loop make it instantly portable and easy to attach to any bag. Hands free!

Easy Blending: The S30’s base features a one-knob circular dial. With blending speeds from one through ten, you can create a shake or smoothie that is exactly the consistency you want. The device also has a one through ten pulsing function by turning the dial to the left. Both pulsing and blending can be preformed at the flip of a wrist. The product also comes with a blending cookbook stock full of smoothie, drink, shake, butters and coffee recipes specifically calibrated for the S30.


vitamix s30 personal blender review

This Vitamix S30 review recognizes its list of notable strengths, which includes construction, a sleek design, portability and multifunctional purpose.

Top-Knotch Design- For instance, its hefty construction, which highlights quality, durability and design couples well with the blenders on-the-go functionality and recipe book. While still looking sleek, its design is also strong enough to take a beating.

Portable Container - Its smaller 20-ounce container makes meals on the go a cinch, and the beautifully pictured cookbook that comes with the blender features dozens of recipes for batters, drinks and sauces. It’s an excellent addition to the product because it provides a list of the blenders possible uses.

Easy To Use - Its simple dial makes the device easy to use and aesthetically appealing, but one of the most noteworthy changes is that the containers, lids, blade base and seals are all dishwasher safe, which is a new bonus for previous Vitamix owners.


The cautions and weaknesses included in the Vitamix S30 review are topics such as tricky cleaning, an expensive price tag, its one style dial and its blending power.

features of the vitamix s30 personal blender

Limited Blend Settings - Though, the dial is uncomplicated and easy to use, the downside is that there is no setting for different types of blending. Its design is more of a one size fits all because there are no special settings for more specific blending styles. We wouldn’t recommend this blender to the mixing connoisseur.

Hard To Clean - If you chose to clean the S30 yourself, good luck. Sitting in a shallow bowl, its blades are difficult to get to by hand, which makes cleaning under the blade challenging. However, as noted above, this design features tools that are almost all dishwasher safe.

Expensive - The Vitamix S30 has an 840 peak-watt motor, and based on its price tag and the value of some competitors, (meaning you can get that same watt motor for much cheaper from another company) it seems pretty steep. On top of the expense of the overall machine, replacing the travel cups can get really expensive fast, also. At almost $30 a cup, you don’t want to forget these on the roof of your car or on the subway.​


​The machine’s price, which is considered pretty expensive, based on the overall Vitamix S30 review, is approximately $309. In many cases that value quadruples the price of many other very competitive, quality personal blenders on the market today.

Who Should Buy

Based on the Vitamix S30 review as a whole, the person who would best fit this style of personal blender is the smoothie enthusiast who needs quick meals on the go, has limited space and wants a long lasting blender.

Updated: August 11, 2016

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