Vitamix 780 Review: Everything You Need to Know Before You Buy


The Vitamix brand is known for creating top-quality blenders since 1937. Their excellence is solidified by the power and attractive design of their machines. Vitamix blenders process the ingredients very well and produce smoother outputs compared to other blenders. You want it course or smooth, the control is in your hands.

Their full sized blenders include a 64 oz size container giving you the chance to prepare larger portions and taking away the need to prepare in batches. One amazing feature of this unit is that it can heat soup using friction. Cleaning is easy since there is no need to unscrew the blades, all you need is to run it with some liquid soap, water and finally rinse. The company provides a very generous trial period which spans 30 days. Use the unit and if you find anything displeasing about the product, they are welcome to pay for the return shipping and provide a full refund. Warranty lasts for either 5 or 7 years.​

Ease of Use


Blend Ability


We Liked:

  • ​Can blend better than just about any other blender on the market
  • Very attractive design with its flat touchscreen control
  • Pre-programmed setting that prepare common recipes
  • Comes with 64 ounce jar

We Didn't Like:

  • Large pricetag
  • Touchscreen should be more sensitive to touch

Summary: The Vitamix 780 in our opinion, is a powerful blender that passes any blending test with flying colors. Its elegant design and cutting edge programs gives the newbies to blending a chance to prepare their dream smoothie or soup with one touch of a button. With the Vitamix 780, you get what you pay for and you will never regret your purchase. Families who would love to save time and effort will find the large container suitable for their needs.

To help you see how the blender performs we’ve prepared a comprehensive guide to give you better detail regarding the Vitamix 780.


  • Product Dimension and Weight: The size of the product is 17 x9 x8.8 inches and weighs 12.5 pounds. It has touchscreen control and preprogrammed settings that can be accessed with a single touch.
  • Container: It comes with an 64 oz. jar. It also includes a tamper to help in mixing or pushing ingredients.
  • Cleaning: The container can be cleaned with some soapy water and then rise. It would also help to know that there is a preprogrammed setting for cleaning, fill the jar with warm water and some liquid soap. And then, access the “cleaning” button to run the blender. After this, you can now rinse it under a faucet and set the container aside to dry. The touchscreen can be wiped with a damp cloth.

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  • State of the Art Design – The unit has an identifiable touchscreen control panel that provides the pre-programmed settings and manual controls. When you start up the blender, you will be greeted by the buttons lighting in sequence. The presets provided are frozen dessert, smoothie, puree, soup and self-clean. Accessing these programs will run the blender, building up the speed up until it reaches the required rate and halt automatically after its specified running time. New blender users often make the mistake of stopping the blender too early ending up with an imperfect concoction. The presets allow them to learn the machine better and the recommended running time.
  • Incredible Power –It uses a 2.2 hp motor which outputs 1200 watts of power. Though it may not compare with more powerful motors that can run at 3.8 peak horsepower, it can definitely prepare soups, smoothies and grind ice effectively.
  • Noise Level: the Vitamix 780 is the quietest model that the company has to offer. Though this is greatly influenced by the ingredients that you are blending, the unit dampens sound better compared to its predecessors. Its weight and flat touchscreen panel absorbs the excess vibration minimizing the noise levels. doesn’t come with any button or knob.

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There aren't really any weaknesses when it comes to the blending ability. Most are just aesthetics. 

  • Low Profile: The low profile of the blender is aimed to make it more storage friendly since it can fit easily into standard 18” tall cabinets. But the problem arises when you are the type of user who likes to use their blender without the lid. Some people would prefer to keep the lid open to make adding ingredients easier while the blender is running. But this can prove to be a problem unless you are open to the idea of redecorating your ceiling since it will spit back the contents.
  • Cord Design: This may be a small issue but it affects how the blender stand as it makes it seem lopsided. For people who hate the need to keep adjusting the cord to let the blender stand perfectly upright, this can become a needless chore.
  • Touch Screen: The touch screen works a bit differently than a regular smartphone or tablet screen. Tablets pick up your tap even though you barely touch it with your fingers. The VItamix 780 control panel needs a bit harder or complete contact with your finger. This might have been done by the engineers to avoid unintentional activation of a certain function. This is mildly annoying and would require the user to familiarize with its required style of touch.

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​The price of the Vitamix 780 is set at $675.00 with free shipping and is it is worth every penny. At its price, you get the blender base, large containers, tamper and recipe book which helps you get started. Though it is quite an investment, you are sure that you’ll get your money’s worth with the product and package that is included.

Who Should Buy​

Based on the review, this new blender is an efficient and trusted unit not just because of the company that made it but its performance overall. The future of Vitamix machines can be seen on this blender – touchscreen controls, pre-programmed settings, and proven blending capabilities. Preparation of ingredients and creating smoothies has never been easier.

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