The Ultimate Guide To Oster Blender Reviews

If you are looking for a blender to make a smoothie or chop up ingredients for a recipe, you can't go wrong with one of Oster's creations. However, a few of the company's blenders are particularly interesting. Let's take a look at some of the best Oster blenders.

Oster Blender Rankings 2016

​5. Oster Beehive Blender

4. Oster 6684 12-Speed Blender

3. Oster 16-Speed Blender

2. ​Oster My Blend

1. Oster Versa 1400 Watt​

​Oster Beehive Blender

detailed review of the Oster Beehive Blender

​If you are on the prowl for an affordable Oster blender that is easy to operate, the Beehive is a solid choice.

While there are all sorts of problems with this average blender, the masterminds at Oster went out of their way to design the Beehive to make life easy for smoothie lovers. It blends frozen fruit, ice and all sorts of other rough textured ingredients without a problem.

It's quite powerful (600 watts) and can liquefy just about anything. Easy to clean, the Oster Beehive Blender's 5-cup glass jar is BPA-free. It merely takes 20 seconds to blend a smoothie.

It comes with a one year warranty so you won't have to lose any sleep about it breaking after a few months of use.

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Oster 6684 12-Speed Blender

full review of the Oster 6684 12-speed blender

​Pick up the Oster 6684 12-speed Blender's base and the first thing you'll notice is its sturdiness. There is nothing flimsy about this blender. You can tell that Oster's product designers really invested plenty of time and effort building the 6684 model.

Those who live in small apartments with diminutive kitchens will immediately fall in love with this blender sheerly because of the fact that it takes up very little space.

It has 70 power watts along with 450 blending watts. There's a reliable Crush Pro 4 blade made of stainless steel. Its unique 4-point style whittles down all sorts of ingredients with incredible precision. You can choose between 12 different speeds ranging from puree to pulse.

The blender's glass jar is a 6-cup Boroclass that can be cleaned in any dishwasher to simplify the cleaning process. You'll love the fact that its 2 ounce filler cap has markings to help you properly pour and measure ingredients.

While other blenders require you to blend for minutes on end, the Oster 6684 takes only about 10 seconds to blitz ingredients. Even if you have ice, bulky fruit or leafy greens, this blender will chop it up into fine little bits in no time at all.

Add the Oster 6684 blender to your kitchen and you won't be disappointed.

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​Oster 16 Speed Blender (Brushed Nickel)

read this complete oster 16 speed blender review

​This Oster blender boasts 450 watts of power so you can mix chunky vegetables and fruits without a problem. There's a spacious 5-cup glass jar, simple push button controls and an aesthetically pleasing brushed nickel finish.

This Oster blender also features 16 unique speeds so you can adjust the power settings to create a wide range of beverages. The 4 prong “star” style stainless steel blade blends up just about anything with ease. Load it up with ice, fruits, vegetables and other items, turn it on and let the 450 watt motor go to work. The glass jar is dishwasher safe, break resistant and scratch resistant.

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​Oster My Blend 250 Watt Blender

review of the oster by blend 250 watt blender in 2017

​This Oster blender was designed with active people squarely in mind. There's a chic industrial style design that comes in your choice of color. You can choose between light powder blue, green, orange and pink.

Pick up this blender and you'll also get a nifty 20 ounce BPA-free travel sport bottle to boot. It features a handy carry hook along with lid storage so you can keep it covered when you put it away. More importantly, you'll be able to blend all sorts of ingredients with the 250 watt motor.

It has One Touch style blending along with a re-settable fuse that revives the blender motor in 15 minutes if it overheats. The blade is replaced with the drinking lid so you are not forced to chug down your smoothie or health drink with the blade present at the bottom. Retailing for under $40, the Oster My Blend 250 Watt Blender provides plenty of bang for your buck.

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Oster VERSA 1400 Watt Professional Performance Blender​

An in-depth review of the Oster Versa 1400 Watt Professional Performance Blender

​Oster touts this blender for its low profile jar, extensive bonus cookbooks and a number of other niceties.

It has an uber-powerful 1400 watt motor.

The BPA-free Tritan jar is a robust 64 ounces. Operators can choose between three programmed settings from soups and smoothies to dips / spreads.

You can change speeds on the fly thanks to the blender's easy to use variable speed dial.

The stainless steel blade whirls around at over 250 miles per hour, churning up those ingredients perfectly every single time without exception.

The Oster VERSA 1400 Watt Professional Performance Blender comes with a 7 year warranty so go ahead and use it as much as you'd like without hesitation.

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