Nutri Ninja Review (BL450)

in-depth review of the nutri ninja pro blender 2017

The Nutri Ninja is a single-serve blender that can create smoothies quickly and with style. It packs 900 watts of blending power to create those on-the-go shakes and perform “nutrient extraction” from fruits and vegetables with top notch efficiency. All you need to do is unlock the cup from the base, flip it, unscrew the blades, put on the sipping lid, and run out with the cup in hand.

Ease of Use


Blend Ability


We Liked:

  • It packs a lot of power in its small size
  • It can match the high-end blenders with basic blending tasks
  • It is very easy to clean and use due to its streamlined design
  • The multi-functional purpose
  • Minimalist design makes operation simple by just pressing down on the container to pulse

We Didn't Like:

  • The single-serve containers act like a bottleneck on the performance of the blender
  • It has difficulty blending items when it is filled close to its full capacity
  • Attachments are small and must be reattached to the cup upon storage
  • Jack of All trades and master of one; creating smoothies

Summary: The Nutri Ninja BL450 is, in our opinion, a budget-friendly, personal blender for on-the-go people and would like to start a healthy lifestyle by making great smoothies. It only falls short of being a perfect all around blender due to its capacity and lack of features but it is nevertheless a competent blender overall.


the nutri ninja pro is jam packed with amazing features
  • Product Dimension and Weight: The size of the product is 12.9 x 7.9 x 14.8 inches and weighs 8.2 pounds. It can sit nicely even in a crowded kitchen counter top because of its sleek and compact design.
  • Portable Containers: The 18 oz. and 20 oz. jars are made BPA Free, dishwasher safe plastic. They snap securely into the base for a leak free blending experience.
  • Cleaning: Cleaning the lid and cups is easy, just place them in the dishwasher with the blade attachment and its done. The base would only need to be wiped with a damp cloth. An alternative would be to fillthe jar with warm water and some dish washing soap and then pulsing it a couple of times. Finish it off by giving it a good rinse and your all set to blend again.


The notable strengths of the Nutri Ninja BL450 are as follows:

  • Sleek and Compact Design – Its small and space saving design makes it a perfect fit for those who are always on-the-go and need to make a quick drink right before they leave the door. The travel-ready cups fit easily in any cup holder so you can take it to your car while driving or on desk your desk while studying.
  • Incredibly Versatile and Powerful – It cuts through chunks of vegetables and fruits with superb ease giving you the power to prepare a wide range of recipes in just minutes. Its impressive 900 watts power makes it a versatile performer in the kitchen, creating not only smoothies but soups as well.
  • Easy Operation: the Nutri Ninja does not have any button or knob. To operate it, you just need to fill upthe jar, seal it with the bladed lid, flip it and place it onto the base and lock it in place. To begin blending,you just need to push down on the jar in pulses until the contents of the jar reaches its desired consistency. The package comes with the two jars with sip and seal lids, the Ninja Pro Extractor Blades, Instructional book and a 30 recipe and wellness guide.


The lack of a larger container and orientation of use can prove to be a diminishing factor towards the performance of the Nutri Ninja.

  • Small containers – with much harder and tougher ingredients, the small containers that comes with the blender limits the blades from performing effectively. Though it cuts through everything in the lower thirds of the jar, some of the content in the top couldn’t be reached by the blades.
  • Limited Blender Settings – It only has a single speed which is at 21,000 rpm and since it is only operated by pulsing, some users may find some difficulty in gauging the consistency of the ingredients.


The price of the Nutri Ninja BL450 of $79.00 is justified by its streamlined design, power and easy operation. For its price, it can make smoothies as well as the $400 and $500 models. Though it is far from being considered a steal, it its certainly worthy of consideration when looking for a budget-friendly blender.​

Who Should Buy​

Based on the overall review, this compact blender would best fit the on-the-go smoothie enthusiast who is constantly on the move and needs a healthy drink to bring along his car or workplace. This would alsomake a good addition to a counter top that has limited space since it doesn’t take too much space.​

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