Ninja Professional Blender Review

ninja professional review

If you are looking for a blender that has a unique design and does not compromise on quality, then the ninja professional blender is the solution to all your blending problems. This blender is of very high performance and it comes with 1000-1100 watts of professional power. It is able to hold up to anything that needs to be blended.

Ease of Use


Blend Ability


We Liked:

  • Its smoothie making ability 
  • It's single serve capability
  • The total crushing technology
  • Multiple blades makes diverse usage
  • 1000-1100 Watts

We Didn't Like:

  • Plastic container is easily scratched and foggy
  • Can be difficult to store in some kitchens due to its size
  • Smoothie are sometimes not as smooth as desired

Summary: The Ninja Professional is a fantastic blender for the money. If you don't feel like spending the money on a Vitamix, this is probably your next best option. It makes very decent smoothies and the powerful base can blend just about anything. You will be pleasantly surprised as you watch it rip through ice. 

Note: You will see two options, the 1000 watt and 1100 watt base. We highly recommend the 1100 base as it provides much more versatility. Both are still great options. 


  • Accessories included: It comes with a small single-serve which serves the purpose of mixing ingredients in the jar. The ninja professional blender also features two cups used when extracting vitamins and nutrients from the fruits and vegetables in the blender. The blender can be a perfect gift for anyone during celebrations.
  • Great Value: It is quite affordable, and you are sure to get value for your money. The crushing technology is up to date, and this makes the ninja professional blender have the ability to blend fruits and vegetables until they attain a smooth consistency. If you blend frozen fruits to create smoothies, you are sure to get the perfect results.
  • Great at blending frozen fruit: You will never have to worry about blending frozen fruit anymore because this blender can handle them to the fullest. It is an awesome blender that guarantees maximum satisfaction. The design of the ninja professional blender is in such a way that will make you think it is split into two but in the real sense it is just once piece.
  • Modern Design: The sleek design helps you measure the capacity of the ingredieints to put inside the jar. The blender comes in an incredible size that can fit in any cabinet or countertop. The ninja blender also comes with a flip top spout that makes pouring your drink very simple. The technology used in making the ninja blender is top notch because it can easily crush ice very quickly. 
  • High-Powered Motor: The high power enables it to crush the ice especially when making smoothies. The blender can be used effectively during controlled processing activities, blending and pureeing. When creating purees, it gives the smoothie a firm and consistent feel.
  • Fantastic Blending Ability: Ninja blender crushes fruits and vegetables in a very professional manner that will truly amaze you. The ninja professional blender comes with a jar that enables you to make drinks for a large number of people once. The blender is very friendly to a dishwasher thus cleaning it will be an easy task.


​All the safety measures have been considered when making the blender. This is to prevent accidents in the kitchen. One of the major safety features is the fact that it cannot turn on unless the lid is snapped on the car correctly. This is so as to prevent the contents in the jar from splashing all over and causing damage.

​Most blenders have a single blade at the bottom of the jar but the ninja professional blender is one of a kind. It has three blades which are all fixed on a single post at different heights. The advantage of positioning the blades in such a way is that everything mixed and sliced perfectly. The three blade sticks can easily lifted from the blender to create space for you to wash the blender safely. The blades are put in such a way that they when cleaning them, they will not easily cut you.


​The suction cups are usually very strong and heavy. This makes it hard to always remove and return the ninja professional blender from the cabinets. The photos may make you think that the blender only needs ice in one compartment which causes other people not to buy it. The ninja blender has received criticism of not being able to puree to the required standards.

​If by any chance the liquid is not to the required standards, you are bound to get devastating results. The plastic material used to make the jar easily gets scratched and acquires a foggy look after a short time of use. The blades also cause scratches in the interior part of the jar when not handled with caution.


​Looking at the various benefits and amazing features of the ninja professional blender, it is quite a good investment. The blender will be able to satisfy your blending needs to the fullest. Anything you would wish to accomplish using a blender, the ninja professional blender will always be there for you.

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1100 *Horsepower*? In a 110v blender? ROFL. Supercharged V12s, don’t always make that kind of power.

For reference 1HP = ~ 750w


1100HP @ 750w/1HP = 825,000w

825KW/110v = 7500A

Wow, just wow. Had no idea manufacturers had integrated Thorium reactors into smoothie mixers. Guess it’s time to order my Mr. Fusion.


    Whoops! This was a typo. Thanks for pointing it out and helping with the conversions 😀


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