Magic Bullet (MBR-1701) Blender Review

magic bullet review

The Magic Bullet Blender is a premier infomercial kitchen tool in TV infomercials but it can also be acquired through online purchases and in a number of stores. Publicized as a do-everything kitchen appliance, taking up the role of juicer, blender and food processor, it is hard to resist the urge to buy this product.

​Visiting the official website will give you the feeling that you’ve visited a fitness site as it promotes how it can help you become fit and healthy while cutting off the time you spend preparing food for cooking. To help you see how the blender performs we’ve prepared a comprehensive guide to give you better detail regarding the Magic Bullet.

Ease of Use


Blend Ability


We Liked:

  • It doesn’t take up a lot of space and it can fit easily even in a crowded kitchen counter-top. 
  • Comes with a lot of cups, mugs, and attachments plus a recipe book to help you get started with the blender
  • Very easy to clean
  • Simple design and use

We Didn't Like:

  • Makes only enough for 1 or 2 people at most
  • Durability is not great
  • Chopping/Blending ability seems to be lacking in certain areas

Summary: The Magic Bullet is, in our opinion, a useful blender with a reasonable price. The amount of servings it produces makes it great for small homes plus it can fit in any countertop. The jars and lids let you prepare varying concoctions easily.

If you are looking for a personal blender to serve “light” multi-tasking duties in the kitchen, the Magic Bullet would be a great choice.

Features Of The Magic Bullet

  • Product Dimension and Weight: The size of the product is 13 x 9 x 11 inches and weighs 6 pounds. It can fit easily in a crowded kitchen counter top because of its small footprint and compact design.
  • Portable Containers: The package includes the 19 oz. tall cup and 2 18 oz. party mugs made of dishwasher-safe plastic. They snap securely into the stainless steel cross blade attachment. After preparing your drink, you can use the lid covers to store or serve it.
  • Cleaning: The cross blade, lid and cups are easy to clean, just place them in the dishwasher and its done. The Power base can simply be wiped with damp cloth while removing the debris. Alternatively, after preparing your smoothies or other concoctions, you can just rinse the cups, blade and lids under a faucet or hand-wash with soap and water.


The notable strengths of the Magic Bullet are as follows:

  • Small and Compact Design – It is very handy and its space-saving design makes it a perfect fit for small apartment kitchens that lacks space to accommodate full-sized blenders.
  • Very Versatile Piece of Equipment – It is versatile in the kitchen since it can shred, grind, chop and blend fruits and vegetables.​
  • Cyclonic Cutting Zone - the special design of the Magic Bullet's blade and shape synergizes to circulate the food back into its patented Cyclonic Cutting Zone, giving the Magic Bullet the ability to prepare food in seconds. 
  • Easy Operation: the Magic Bullet does not sport any button or knob. Operation only requires you to just fill up the jar, attach the cross blade, flip it and place it onto the base and line it up with the tabs onto the powerbase. To make smoothies, pureed soups and milkshakes, you can use the lock-on technique. Just push down on the jar and twist it a little so that it locks onto the base to let it blend all the ingredients together as you watch and wait for it to arrive at your desired consistency. To chop herbs, vegetables, and make chunky salsa, you can use the pulse technique. All you need to do is push down on the jar in pulses until the contents of the jar reaches its desired form.
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  • Power – The lack of power on the Magic Bullet impacts its ability to churn food and limits its multi-tasking capabilities. It only has 250 watts of power and gives 2,000 RPM which makes this unit the worst choice for blending leafy vegetables. Due to its limited power, it makes take some recipes longer to finish thus putting more stress on the motor.
  • Durability – There has been a number of complaints regarding the plastic parts that are a bit fragile and breaks easily, forcing customers to purchase a new base instead of just acquiring a replacement for the certain part.
  • Limited Blender Settings – It only has a one speed setting and with its weak power compared to other full-size blenders, it would take a longer time before you arrive at your given consistency. The results you get can vary from what is advertised depending on the size and shape of the ingredients being used.

How Much Does It Cost?

​The price of the Magic Bullet is $56.79 and is justified by its compact design and loads attachments. The cost of the item is very reasonable. It works best when making milkshakes but you may find your green smoothies with a lot of lumps. It is still a versatile piece of equipment as long as you note the type of food that you will work with.

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Who Should Buy The Magic Bullet?​

Based on the overall review, this compact blender would best users who don’t expect too much from a multi-tasking blender. It is still worth to note again that it performs well in making milkshakes and other smoothies – as long as you take note of the ingredients being used to optimize the performance of the Magic Bullet.​

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