Hamilton Beach Single Serve Blender Review

hamilton beach single serve blender review

If you run out of the house most mornings with a smoothie in hand, and you normally make only enough for a single-serving, the small, lightweight Hamilton Beach Single Service Blender should be apart of your kitchen gadget arsenal and daily routine.

​Both effective and incredibly inexpensive, this blender is perfect for all your smaller tasks, which could include things like shakes, smoothies or grinding a pot’s worth of coffee beans. When purchasing this blender you will receive the base, a 14 ounce container which includes attached blades and an on the go lid.

​The Hamilton Beach Single Serve Blender review below should be used as a helpful tool to make an informed decision regarding the purchase of this blender.

Ease of Use


Blend Ability


We Liked:

  • Sleek design that fits well in small kitchens 
  • Extremely easy cleanup
  • Makes hardly any noise while blending
  • The insanely low price
  • Great for blending on the go

We Didn't Like:

  • Can only make up to 12 oz. servings
  • You have to hold the blend button down for the whole duration.
  • Low quality plastic, meaning you can't use hot liquids like soup. 
  • Only a 1 year warranty

Summary: The first thing you will notice about the Hamilton Beach blender is the super low price tag. If you are looking to blend on a budget, this single-serve blender is perfect for you. While it does have its downfalls, you can still blend stuff like protein shakes really well. 


  • Its simple design, which features only three pieces: the base, blending container and travel lid offers an easy solution to serve and go smoothies, virtually no effort and little mess. However, its straightforwardness still requires that you take just a few moments so you’ll get the best results. Sometimes shaking or stirring may be required.
  • Color variation: According to the Hamilton Beach Single Serve Blender review, the device can be purchased in four different colors, as well as stainless steel.
  • Very portable: The 175-watt motor, 14-ounce travel container (with a built-in blade) and travel lid tap in at only about 12 inches tall and 2.2 pounds. These specs mean easy, hassle free storage.
  • To-go cup included: Its best feature is its 14 ounce on-the-go cup. Not only does it serve as the main blending container, but it’s also the same attachment you’ll use if you wish to take your smoothie with you. Lucky for all the commuters out there, the container is sized to fit most cup holders.​

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​Sleek design: In terms of aesthetics, the blender is sleek and fun. Bearing in mind that you can pick your own fun color from five possible options, your blender can be and individual statement piece in your kitchen. Even though it is visually appealing enough to keep on display, it’s also small enough to fit cozy in a small cabinet.

​Versatile & Easy Cleanup: The Hamilton Beach Single Serve Blender review reports that though this blender won’t last you a lifetime, it will work excellent if you take care of it. It makes smoothies, shakes and frozen cocktails easily, (some say they come out a bit thicker) and most models feature a cup (blades are inside the cup) and lid that is dishwasher safe. This means minimal cleanup, and no need to clean anything by hand.

​Very quiet: If you get up before your spouse, but still plan to make your morning smoothie, no worries. The Hamilton Beach Single Serve Blender is incredibly quiet, so you can blend while your spouse or children get those last few winks of shuteye.

​Very affordable: The Hamilton Beach Single Serve Blender review notes that if purchasing is based on price and efficiency, you can’t get more bang for your buck. The largest and most valid strength is a ridiculously economical price tag. Anyone can add this gadget to his or her kitchen appliances.

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Only blends for one: Obviously, if you’re blending for a large group, this is not the device for you because it only makes 12 ounce serving sizes.

Inconvenient: If you’d like to hit a button and be able to walk away and continue about your day’s routines, this device requires you to hold the button down during the blending process.

No hot liquids: Hot liquids of any kind cannot be used in this blender. That includes soups, sauces and coffee. Because the plastic is not top-notch, it has the tendency to stain in the dishwasher.​

Short warranty: Hamilton Beach only offers a 1 year warranty. This actually isn't too bad when you consider the cost of the blender. 

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​The Hamilton Beach Single Serve Blender review, notes that the blenders price, which is approximately $20 a pop, makes it an affordable option that is absolutely worth the price tag. Considering, there are no issues with its design and function, anyone looking for a single serving sized blender should mull over this device as a strong possible candidate. Many competitors offer similar options with a much heftier price.

Who Should Buy

With the exception of large groups and families that plan to blend for many people, the Hamilton Beach Single Serve Blender is a great addition to just about any kitchen.

The early morning blender looking to keep the house pin-drop quiet, the homeowner with limited counter and cabinet space and the mixer who just wants to enjoy a fun beverage should feel pretty confident about making this purchase.

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