Cuisinart Personal Blender Review

The Cuisinart, which weights approximately 5.6 pounds is both lightweight and multipurpose. The main characteristics, which make this blender different than many other personal blenders on the market, is that it gives you both a large pitcher and single-serving cups for both your smaller, more individual blending need, and for your larger mixing requirements.

​Coming in at approximately 5.6 pounds, this personal blender features one 32 ounce jar, an eight ounce cup for chopping and four 16 ounce cups for travel. Cuisinart offers models that are powerful and versatile enough to work as both blenders and food processors, and they also include various desirable features in many of their products, including push-button, LED displays and touch-pad controls.

​The Cuisinart Personal Blender review below is a guide that should be used to make an informed decision regarding the purchase of this Cuisinart device.

Ease of Use


Blend Ability


We Liked:

  • Sleek design and color options
  • BPA free containers
  • Blades screw onto travel cup for smoothies on the go
  • 3-year warranty
  • Easy cleanup

We Didn't Like:

  • The holes on the top of the drinking cups
  • Unreliable, reports of not working out of the box
  • Does not last as long as other blenders
  • Weak motor

Summary: The Cuisinart personal blender is great for those who are looking for a cheap option. It comes with all the necessary travel cups, and is really easy to use. This personal blender is a great option for those who don't use a blender too often. 


​Great Design: The blender’s outside, which comes in black, stainless steel, white or pink, is polished, lightweight and stylish. These qualities coupled with its small size, makes this a device not only aesthetically pleasing, but also small (16 inches tall) enough to set atop your counter or to hide away in a small cupboard. The Cuisinart Personal Blender also has touch button controls, which add to its sleek overall appearance.

Decent Blending Ability: Its two blades (they are extremely sharp), which work in tandem with its high-powered motor (350 watts), allow the blender to work as much like a food processor as a blender. Chopping is made easy with the chopping cup attachment that is included, and the blenders three-speed options for pulverizing. Also, because most of the weight is distributed in the bottom of the device it acts as a stabilizing unit when you blend. This means smooth blending and a machine that doesn't wobble.

Slip-Proof: Don’t spend any time stressing over sensitive counter tops either; the heavy, stable bottom has slip proof feet.

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Choice of color: Upon the first glance, most people recognize a very polished and visually pleasing design. Because the blender is offered in multiple styles, the purchaser can decide which color best fits they’re taste and other kitchen appliances.

Easy Cleanup: For people who hate clean up, each attachment, including the detachable blades, is dishwasher safe, so there is no need to do any hand washing. For the health nut in all of us, each container is also BPA-free, so they’re safe to eat and drink from.

Smoothies on-the-go: The blades screw to the top of the travel cups, so quick, single sized smoothies on the go is one of the Cuisinart Personal Blender’s specialties. This is also helps for minimal cleanup.

Multi-purpose blending: People who are looking for a blender that also can be used to chop nuts, spices or coffee, can utilize the Cuisinart Personal Blender for all of these purposes, too.

Warranty: The Cuisinart Personal Blender also comes with a three-year warranty from the manufacturer.

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Travel cups leak: As noted by some Cuisinart buyers, the lids that are used atop the travel cups have holes in the top. These holes are made for drinking out of, but there is no lid, attachment or cover to sell the holes and prevent spilling when you aren’t drinking. Some owners are quick to point out that this small hole is the perfect place for a straw. However, even an added straw won’t thwart leakage.

Difficulty setting up: Some people have also reported issues turning it on, and several other general issues that made the product defective upon purchase. Again, the rebuttal is normally that new owners didn’t read the manual before trying to operate.

Short lifespan: There is also a general consensus that, under normal use, the device burns out quickly.

Weak motor: Additionally, its 350 watts motor is about half the power of most full-size blenders. Though, this seems to be something that would cause a fairly large issue, if you consider the blenders small size, the motor seems to absolutely get the job done without any issues.

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The price range is typically between $60 and $90 depending on where it’s purchased.

Who Should Buy

This product is great for anyone with minimal counter and cabinet space, as well as the person who wants both the blender that is conducive to single servings and full-size mixtures. Families looking for a blender that is a one size fit all for most general kitchen blending requirements, look no further.

Also, this is a recommended buy for the person or family who is fairly frugal, but doesn't want to skirt by on quality, the Cuisinart Personal Blender is and ideal buy.

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