Choosing the Best Personal Blender

Our Best Personal Blenders

Many people operating under a fast-paced lifestyle prefer the health benefits associated with owning a personal blender. Personal blenders are a great way to manage time and maintain healthy living by offering a shortcut to many popular health drinks and smoothies. These machines are typically designed with a blender component and an attachment for personal blending that usually functions with a lid and handle for easy use.

​You can blend thousands of recipes in this portable device, including many drinks associated with a healthy lifestyle. Whether on the-go or at home, portable blenders offer a durable and convenient solution when compared to standard blender types. Part of the reason why personal blenders are so popular is because of the convenience of mixing a single portion at one time. Many people struggle with standard blenders for this reason, as measuring for a single portion often leaves a cluttered mess with an excess of unused leftovers.

​By utilizing one of the top personal blenders, you are able to measure appropriate portions with very little cleanup, as the mixture is carried in a convenient travel cup. Choosing can seem like an overwhelming task, but with so many great products available on the market today, mixing your favorite drinks is easier than ever.

Common Features of Quality Personal Blenders

Many people interested in taking the first step toward a healthy lifestyle have considered purchasing a personal blender. There are several advantages associated with owning a blender of this type, which can make traditional blenders seem obsolete. One of the greatest features of utilizing a personal blender is the travel cup that is used to mix ingredients.

Vitamix s30

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The Vitamix s30 is a high-performance blender designed ranked as one of the best personal blenders for use at home or on the go. Utilizing the highest standard of blending technology on the market today, this blender is a powerful option for all occasions. Whether a person is interested in mixing healthy drinks to maintain a diet, or crushing ice for margaritas at a social event, the Vitamix personal blender is strong and built to last.

  • Includes One 20 Ounce Container and One 40 Ounce Container - Makes it easy to manage serving sizes and shedding those extra pounds
  • Easy Maintenance - The Vitamix s30 is dishwasher safe, which means you’ll spend less time cleaning and more time preparing yet another healthy and delicious shake
  • Blending Cookbook Included - The days of investing in a blender only to have to spend hours looking for recipes are over as the Vitamix s30 includes a recipe guide packed full of healthy and delicious shakes

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​Tribest Personal Blender

tribest personal blender review

The Tribest Personal Blender is a cost effective alternative to many of the blenders on the market today. This compact design is perfect for people interested in single serving meals at a fraction of typical blender costs.

  • 200-Watt Motor - This blender offers plenty of power to quickly and easily liquidize anything from food to ice in no time at all
  • Two 8-Ounce and 16-Ounce Lids Included - Easily take your drinks on the road with you thanks to the two 8-ounce and two 16-ounce BPA-free cups included with the Tribest Personal Blender
  • Blend and Grind Modes - No matter what you throw the Tribest Personal Blender’s way, it’s blend and grind modes are sure to get the job done right

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Hamilton Beach Single Serve Blender

hamilton beach single serve blender review

One of the most affordable personal blenders for drinks and shakes of all types is the Hamilton Beach Single Serve Blender. This blender is perfect for people who need specific measurements for recipes, as the travel cup includes marks for measuring on the sides.

  • Available in Plastic and Stainless Steel - With a choice of plastic or stainless steel, your Hamilton Beach Single Serve Blender will turn heads, and it’ll get you on track to a healthier lifestyle
  • Sleek 14-Ounce Travel Cup - The Hamilton Beach Single Serve Blender comes with a handy 14-ounce travel cup that can be packed full of nutrients while still easily fitting in virtually any vehicle’s cup holder
  • One-Touch Blending - Easily work your way towards a better you with the push of a button- it really doesn’t get any easier

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Cusinart Personal Blender

cuisinart personal blender review

Considered by many to be the best single serve blender, the Cusinart Personal Blender continues to lead the pack in mixing innovation. This sleek and affordable design offers a powerful 350 watt motor to mix and chop through the most difficult of food products giving it a spot on the greatest personal blender list.

  • Three Modes - With low, high and pulse modes, you’ll be able to power through all types of fruits and vegetables in no time, which means the days of wasting time chopping up fruits and veggies are a thing of the past
  • 4, 16-ounce Travel Cups - Share a shake with three of your closest friend or co-workers, or spare yourself from having to wash the same cup every day. Either way, you’ll have the perfect way to a healthy lifestyle while also saving countless hours of time and effort!
  • Personalize Your Blender - With a wide variety of different lids, chopping cups and more, one-size-fits-all blenders are truly a thing of the past
  • Easy-to-Use Interface - With LED lights, touchpad controls and an auto-stop feature, this blender will go to work for you. No more having to manually start and stop a blender as this Cuisnart Personal Blender will produce the perfect consistency with the touch of a button

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With so many personal blenders to choose from, finding the best single serve blender for your needs can be a timely and tricky decision. Fortunately, we’ve helped simplify the effort by outlining the features and benefits of three of the highest rated blenders in our personal blenders comparisons. With the blenders recommended on our site, you’ll be on your way to a healthier lifestyle at the touch of a button. Be sure to check these blenders out, and we wish you the best of luck in working towards your goals!