What Is The Best Blender For Crushing Ice?

One of the most popular aspects that people look for in a blender is its potential to crush ice. A blender that is unable to crush ice leaves you with very few options when it comes to making your smoothies and meals. Using ice in your smoothies and cocktails allows them to stay cold and fresh, as well as thinning out the ingredients somewhat. There is a vast array of blenders on the market that claim that they can successfully crush ice, however some of them fall hopelessly short of this. So what should you be looking for if you want a blender that will easily and effectively crush ice? And which are the best ice crushing blenders out there?

What to Look For When Buying a Blender that Crushes Ice

Despite many of the manufacturer’s claims that their blenders can effectively crush ice, this is unfortunately not always the case. Some blenders simply haven’t got the correct blades or power to be able to crush ice. However, there are some blenders that have got tons of power and have been optimally designed for crushing ice, and some blenders have specific ice crushing settings that will have the job done in a matter of seconds.


The bottom line is that for a blender to effectively crush ice it needs to have quite a lot of power. Have a look at the guidelines on the box and see if the manufacturer intends for the blender to crush ice, or if there is a particular setting for crushing ice on the blender. With regards to power an absolute minimum of 500 watts should be considered, as although some blenders with less power may crush ice, it won’t be into a nice snowy texture, but rather leaving it in huge chunks.

blendtec motor size

There are some lower powered blenders that claim to be able to crush ice effectively, but these blenders will need to be used with specific blades and on a specific setting to get the desired effect on the ice.

The problem with using lower-end blenders for crushing ice, is that they may be successful the first few times around but the blades get damaged and the ice crushing ability will just get worse and worse. This will eventually have an effect on the motor of the blender and could lead to it burning out completely if it is overworked.

Blender Type

The best blenders that crush ice are counter-top blenders. Immersion blenders simply can’t match them in strength, and the pitcher on counter top blenders make crushing ice much easier as you don’t have to transfer it from cup to cup, and it will make sure than none of the ice spills out of the jug while being crushed.​

The Two Best Blenders for Crushing Ice

There are two reputable brands that make excellent blenders to crush ice, and they are the Vitamix and Blendtec series.

Vitamix 5200

The Vitamix series of blenders are some of the most powerful on the market, and they all have the ability to crush ice and other hard items such as nuts and fibrous vegetables. They are on the higher end of the price scale with regards to blenders, but you really do get what you paid for.

These blenders have ice-crushing options that are speed adjustable, which allows you to get the exact consistency that you want out of your ice. The ice is crushed into a powdery, snow-like mixture rather than big chunks of ice. A lot of commercial smoothie shops, professional chefs and health fanatics favor this range of blender, which goes to show its high quality and good reputation.​

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Blendtec​ 725

blendtec designer series vs vitamix 750

​The Blendtec series of blenders are also excellent at crushing ice, and some have 1500 or more watts of power to them. These powerful motors crush ice in no time, and in fact the manufacturers actually give you an “ice-crushing guarantee” which goes to show how confident they are in their own product. Buying a blender that is part of the Blendtec series is a very smart investment if you plan on crushing ice regularly.

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While these two brands are only a two of a huge array of different blenders that can crush ice, they are most certainly the most effective. Both of these brands are known for their high quality products, and when you purchase either of them you can rest assured that you are getting a machine that does the job that it’s meant to do.​

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