Ultimate Blender Buyer’s Guide – Find the Best Blender for You

Blenders come in all shapes and sizes. We’re here to guide you to the best blender for you -- according to your specific needs and within your budget.

All blenders are created equal, right? Isn’t buying a blender as simple as it sounds? Surprisingly, that couldn’t be further from the truth.​

There is much more to buying the perfect blender than you may think. Deciding on a blender requires your most precious resources - time, money, and care. We want to save you all of those things. We've done the dirty work and can guide you to the ideal blender.

Jump right to (1) our top all-around pick that can handle any job, (2) the best low cost, high value single-serving blender, or (3) our favorite affordable workhorse professional blender -- or read on to learn more!

Best Blender 2018

Our All-Around Top Choice: The Ice-Crushing Vitamix 5200

The Vitamix 5200 is our pick for the best blender on the market in 2018. This blender can handle just about any task you can throw at it in the kitchen. The power and precision of the Vitamix blending technology can pulverize anything you put in there - including even the smallest seeds. With a peak output of 2 whole horsepower, you will end up with smooth drinks every single time. ​

​While the price may scare some folks away, it is important to understand you are paying for quality here. The Vitamix 5200 will last for years. Even if anything does happen, Vitamix's stellar 7-year warranty has you covered. If you check out the Amazon reviews, you will see hundreds of happy Vitamix customers. 

​If you are looking for the best blender, then look no further than the Vitamix 5200. 

See full Vitamix 5200 product information on Amazon

Blender Comparisons and Reviews

best blender
Product NameKey FeaturesOur Rating /5Price GuideUser Feedback
Vitamix 52002 Horsepower Motor, Stainless steel blades, 5-year warranty5HighExcellent
Blendtec Designer Series3 Horsepower motor, cold forged blades, 7-year warranty, illuminated control surface4.5HighVery Good
Vitamix 7502.2 horsepower, 64-ounce BPA free container, 2-piece lid for adding ingredients while blending 4.4ModerateVery Good
Ninja Professional Blender1100 Watt motor, 72 oz container - perfect for families, crushes ice in seconds4.2ModerateExcellent
Kitchenaid 5-Speed Diamond BlenderIntelli-Speed Motor control senses contents and sets optimal speed, 5-year warranty, 60-oz container4.1ModerateVery Good
Magic Bullet Nutribullet 600-watt motor, patented blade design with cyclonic action, very affordable4LowVery Good

Top Rated Blenders

1. ​Vitamix 5200

​The Vitamix 5200 really stands out among all of the other blenders. It's blending ability is unmatched as it can shred through any ingredient, big or small. It's 2-horsepower motor is more than enough to take on any task. The steel blades within the container can actually move quick enough to create a substantial amount of friction heat, which can bring cold foods to piping hot in just 6 minutes. If the amazing features don't sell you on this blender, then the 5-year warranty should. It is clear that Vitamix stands by there products and it's no wonder they receive such consistently outstanding reviews. 

>> See full Vitamix 5200 info on Amazon

2. Blendtec Designer 725

Up next is the versatile Blendtec Designer 725. It's 3 peak horsepower is unmatched on the market. Needless to say, this blender absolutely pulverizes every ingredient it comes in contact with. While the blending ability is one of the best, we really liked the interface of the Blendtec. The surface features are illuminated and extremely easy to read. The universal icons make this blender incredibly easy to master - even though there are several different blend cycles. ​

>> See full Blendtec Designer 725 info on Amazon

3. Vitamix 750

If you have ever been to a smoothie shop, chances are you've seen a Vitamix 750 being used. While this high-powered blender was not designed for commercial use, its blending ability and durability make it a highly sought after product. With a 2.2 horsepower motor and high blade radius, this is a fantastic smoothie making machine. The 64-oz BPA free container is durable and environmental friendly. We really like how this blender comes with a 2-piece top which allows you to add ingredients mid-blend. The price tag is high, but you won't be needing a blender for a long, long time if you go this route. ​

>> See full Vitamix 750 info on Amazon

4. Ninja Professional NJ600 Blender

The Ninja Professional is much more affordable than the previously listed blenders. Don't let this low price tag fool you, this blender is up there with the best of them. ​With a 1100 watt motor, it has more than enough power to rip through ice and other frozen ingredients, leaving you with perfectly blended smoothies. The 72-oz container makes this the best option for those blending for families. You can easily make enough for multiple people with the Ninja Pro. 

>> See full Ninja Proffesional info on Amazon

5. Kitchenaid 5-Speed Diamond Blender

Kitchenaid is well-known for their high-quality appliances, and their 5-speed Diamond blender is no different. What makes this blender unique is the Intelli-Speed Motor Control. This essentially senses the ingredients inside of the blender and blends them at the optimal speed. This is your ultimate set-and-forget blender. Furthermore, the container was designed to be shatter, stain, and scratch resistant - meaning you can throw it in the dishwasher with no worry. ​

>> See full Kitchenaid 5-Speed Diamond info on Amazon

6. Magic Bullet Nutribullet Blender

The Magic Bullet Nutribullet is the number one best-seller on Amazon, and for good reason. It's affordable, effective, and reliable. If you check online, you will see this blender ​has amassed over 6,500 reviews and still averages a 4.5 rating. While it's smaller than the other blenders, its 600 watt motor still packs enough of a punch to blend ice with ease. While the quality of the material is not as high as the others, this well-rounded blender will still get the job done. 

>> See full Magic Bullet Nutribullet info on Amazon

7. Nutribullet Pro 900

8. Oster Beehive Classic Blender

9. Vitamix s30 Personal Blender

10. Nutri Ninja Pro

Quick Pick Guide

What Will Be Your Main Use?
  • Smoothies?
  • Personal?
  • On A Budget?
  • Immersion?
best low cost blender of 2016

When considering which blender you should buy, there are a few key questions to think through before taking the plunge:

  1. ​What will I mainly be using it for?
  2. How many people will I be serving on a daily basis?
  3. What are my priorities in terms of size and space it would take up?
  4. How long do I want my blender to last?
  5. What’s my price range?

See? Not as simple as you first thought, right?

​Buying a quality blender is an investment for your physical well-being and health, your money - by blending your own smoothies, sauces, and cooking at home more - and time, since you’ll be racking up minutes usually lost on either cooking breakfast or scooping something up on the way to work.

​As with any purchase, you want to make sure that you are getting the best bang for your back, and let us tell you, there are some incredible products available in the market today. It’s a good problem to have too many options to select from! And don’t be discouraged - you can’t go wrong.

​Every blender has its pros and cons, specialties and weakness, famous features and crowd-favorite tricks. Reading reviews is useful to gain detailed information on diverse uses of a variety of blender models. Hearing what others have to say about being the owner of a particular blender and what they have discovered over time, the good and the bad, can help paint a holistic depiction the appliance.

​Blenders are not a “one size fits all” solution; different individuals have different needs when it comes to these liquefying machines. Looking into the multitude of brands is one thing, but go one level deeper and then you’re analyzing the unique qualities of different types of blenders, too.

Go back to the thought-guiding questions - what will you mainly be using your blender for? Will you be starting your mornings with a quick, smoothie breakfast? Are you accommodating your family’s dietary restraints and trying to cook more from scratch, therefore needing to make sauces and purees at home? Maybe you’re wanting a food processor, blender, coffee grinder, and vegetable chopper but don’t want so many appliances hogging up all of your kitchen space and hope to kill all of those cooking birds with one stone?​

Whatever the need, there is one answer to your problem: you need a high-quality blender. Premium blenders do not only execute the frothing task with uncanny efficiency, but they will live to see many days as they have fewer manufacturer issues and are better at their jobs.

Which Blender Do The Experts Prefer?

47 %
27 %
26 %

​If you are looking for a life-changing device that will help you become a better you, this is the one kitchen appliance that will change the way you live life on a daily basis. One monetary investment will lead you to a smaller waistline, improved cooking skills, and with more free time to spare doing other things you love. Your recipes will be consistently delicious once you are part of the no-chunk smoothie club thanks to your deluxe yet practical product.

​When it comes to types of blenders, there are three categories: immersion blenders, personal blenders, and smoothie blenders. All three excel in their own specialities, but they have quite separate structural functions.

The immersion blender is handheld and is just like what it sounds like - you hold it in your hand and immerse it into the foods, oils, liquids, or whatever else you want to mold into one tasty sauce or dressing.​

Personal blenders make single servings. These are great for those who don’t want to sweat over extensive clean-up. You make your smoothie, grab it, and you’re off!

​Smoothie blenders are heavier set, with the most powerful blades and speed. These are built for larger portions.

The most important components of a premium blender are the blades and the motor. Logically, the best reviewed blenders have the biggest blades and the strongest motors. But other features that might not be considered are angled blades, funneled container bases, and multiple speed settings. We look at these as well as many other factors that make the top-rated blenders the best.​

​Once you commit yourself to buying a top-of-the-line blender, you'll need to gather some information that helps you decide which type and model fits your needs.​

Why Do You Need A High Quality Blender?

best blender for baby food in 2016

Just like any purchase, you want the best performance for your buck. Here’s what we’ve learned:

It’s an easy answer - it’s the same reason you would invest in anything. The better the quality, the more versatility in how you use it and how much deliciousness you add to your daily life.

An average blender can make certain foods, like a frozen fruit smoothie,with leafy greens, but most have a common problem— they leave a plentiful amount of whole chunks of the very foods you are trying to mask, like cukes or spinach, because they can’t fully blend.

That leaves more manual work for you, and takes away the time-efficiency of the blender all together. You have to blend, stop, push ingredients down, and repeat. It’s frustrating, takes up time and in the end, doesn’t have the perfectly smooth texture that you’re looking for. A high quality blender is much easier to use, efficient, and above all, it does what it is expected to do.

Another example is baby food. Some parents opt to make baby food at home from scratch to gain more control and knowledge over the food their infants consume. Baby food can only be made by a very high-quality blender.​

Due to the hazard of choking, baby food has to be in a completely smooth and homogenous state. A true test for your blender is baby food made out of peas, because the peas’ skin is very small and tough so it is difficult to breakdown.​

You would also want a high quality blender of something average because of longevity. Blenders are not cheap, regardless of their specialty or power, so if you are going to buy one, you’ll save money if you buy one for at least 5 years as opposed to buying 2-3 within that same time period. Better manufactured blenders will withstand cleaning and usage for years at a time, better serving you for what you pay.

​The ice and frozen ingredients used in smoothies makes it difficult for most blenders to last more than a couple years of frequent use. If you're the kind of person who loves having a smoothie for breakfast or after a workout, then you could waste a lot of time and money on sub-par blenders that don't have the right features to handle those frozen ingredients.

Blenders for Making Smoothies

Vitamix 750 and Blendtec: Crowd Favorites

Though they can be used for multiple purposes, most people buy blenders for one initial reason: smoothies

Smoothies can be a great, and healthy meal or snack throughout your day. But fibrous greens and hard, fruit seeds can make your drink’s texture unpleasantly gritty and grainy. Choosing a blender that can truly break down foods can be the difference of a blender that sits in a cabinet, and one that is actually used every day.​

When it comes to making smoothies, most people stand by models from Vitamix and the Blendtec Designer Series. Each line of blenders has unique features that may make them more useful in your home. It largely depends on how you want to use the blender and what features seem most useful to you.

Vitamix and Blendtec Smoothie Blenders​

​Before you decide on a blender for smoothies, compare these features.

complete vitamix 750 pro review in 2016

Vitamix 750

  • A 2.2-horsepower motor
  • Radial cooling fan that prevents the motor from overheating
  • Four-prong blade designed for crushing ice and liquefying ingredients
  • Manual control knob that gives you more control over the blender's speed
  • A seven-year warranty that protects your investment

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blendtec designer series vs vitamix 750

Blendtec Designer Series

  • A 3-horsepower motor
  • Air intake and output design that keeps the motor cool
  • Two-prong blade
  • Touch slider sensor that gives you manual control over the blender's speed
  • A seven-year warranty that covers parts and labor

Read our Blendtec Review

best smoothie maker available on the market

Buyers who choose the Vitamix 750 usually cite its blade design and manual control knob as their favorite features. Those who choose the Blendtec Designer Series often like the stronger motor and high-tech touch slider sensor. Vitamix blenders have been proven to be the best at pulverizing raw fruits and vegetables.

The Blendtec models are also shorter, which may appeal to people who have limited countertop or kitchen storage space. Vitamix sells pitchers with shorter profiles, but they typically come with tall pitchers that make it difficult to store them under most kitchen cabinets.

As you can see, there are a lot of similarities between these models. They both have enough power to smash frozen ingredients and they both have manual speed control. Those are essential features for people who are serious about making smoothies. Without them, you'll likely end up with a chunky mess.

When reading reviews about these products, you will see people claiming that they have the top blender and that no one should ever buy a different model. That's a big extreme. The truth is that both of these blenders are great for making smoothies. Despite their differences, they offer comparable performance. Some people fall in love with certain features. If you like one blender's features more than the other, then you have an easy choice ahead of you.​

Are They More Than Just Smoothie Blenders?

Although they’re called ‘smoothie blenders,’ don’t be afraid to take these to other culinary heights. In fact, a great blender means that it’s capable of making a lot more than just frozen fruit drinks. When a recipe calls to “blend” or “puree”, we all know what to do. But good blenders can do so much more. They can beat, cream, and a lot more.

One very uncommon use of a blender is using it to make flour. By simply throwing in wheat berries or rolled oats and blending them up, you can have your very own freshly milled flour. And while you’re blending dry ingredients, you can go ahead use your blender to lightly chop nuts or make bread crumbs. This is great for people with food allergies and need to make alternate ingredients when cooking and baking, like using almond flour instead of wheat flour.

Although these blenders are celebrated for being so versatile, there are a few tasks that should never be demanded of a blender simply because they are not built to do them. A few of these jobs that blenders are not intended to do include kneading dough or grinding raw meat. Additionally, jar blenders should never whip heavy cream or egg whites.

Another definitive test for blenders is crushing ice. A good blender can crush ice, and great blender can make snow. This comes in handy when making frozen cocktails or wanting to create homemade snow cones.​​

Personal and Single Serving Blenders

​If you only need a personal blender that makes a single serving, then you may not want to invest in a countertop model that takes up a lot of space. Many buyers find that they can save a little more and countertop space by choosing a personal blender. Just because they're smaller doesn't necessarily mean that they don't have the power and features that you will get from the larger models.

​Some of the most popular personal serving blenders include:

Vitamix s30

Our Rating:

​Many experienced users feel that the Vitamix s30 offers the best features and performance. It's an extremely flexible model that you can use for all kinds of recipes, including soups, sauces, and smoothies. Some of the best features of this personal blender include:

  • 790-watt motor
  • Pulse feature
  • A manual speed dial
  • 20-ounce and 40-ounce containers so you can make more when you need to
  • An interchangeable blade base for diverse uses
  • A five-year warranty that protects your investment in a high-quality personal blender
2016 Vitamix s30 blender review

Read our full Vitamix s30 review

The Vitamix s30, in other words, offers many of the performance features that people love about larger Vitamix blenders. This model, however, only takes up 15 inches of countertop space. It also stands 15.5 inches high (the larger model is 20.5 inches tall). This is an versatile product that individuals and families will find useful. Realistically, it's one of the greatest blenders that you can buy for personal use.

Other Personal Blenders​

The other personal blenders on this list don't really compare to the Vitamix s30, but they're certainly a lot less expensive. If you choose to buy one of these models, consider whether doing so will really save you money. The Vitamix model might cost several hundred dollars, but it comes with a seven-year warranty. Chances are that you will get reliable performance from it for at least a decade. You can't really say that about the other models.

​Most of the cheaper models also lack features that many people find important. It's difficult, for instance, to make a smoothie without manual speed control. Blenders that jump into action tend to create liquid tornadoes that prevent frozen ingredients from reaching the blades.

​If you need to save money now, these are good options. If you want a blender that will stay with you for years, then you should save up for the Vitamix personal blender. It's an all-around top-notch blender that you can buy for personal use.

Immersion Blenders for the Home

If you’re looking for a fast, dependable, easy to use blender, the immersion blender is right for you. The one with the best overall reviews is by far the Bamix. The higher price tag does initially push away customers, however it is powerful, reliable and of the highest quality. After reading what the Bamix has to offer, there purely is no substitute.​

kitchenaid immersion blender 3-speed review in 2016

​Immersion blenders are great for making soups and sauces. You don't want to pour hot liquids into a blender's pitcher. Immersion blenders solve that problem by eliminating the pitcher. Instead of pouring your sauce into the blender, you stick the blender into the sauce.

​If you want a good blender for immersion recipes, you'll probably need to choose between the Kitchenaid Immersion Blend and the Bamix immersion blender. Both of these are affordable pieces of equipment that are easy to use and clean.

Immersion blenders offer an incredibly wide range of recipe options, but using one of low-quality could mean a quickly dying battery (see our top choices for battery powered blenders), an uncomfortable grip or separated vinaigrette. However, choosing a high-grade immersion blender means that there’s no task that you can’t accomplish. With this blender’s versatility you could make smoothies as well as dips like guacamole or salsa, or desserts like ice cream or chocolate mousse.​

A very common substitute that an immersion blender is used for is a whisk. With the hand held blender, you can make perfectly homogenous omelets that will look picture perfect. Also you can make sure that your batter has absolutely zero lumps. This becomes a big deal, because baking is a very technical and careful science. A lumpy cake batter will result in a dense cake; while zero lumps yields a light and fluffy sponge.​

​Immersion blenders are handheld, so you want to find one that's appropriately designed for your hand. Either of these models will match most people. They aren't too big or too small. That gives you greater control when blending recipes.

How To Choose The Best Blender: 3 Questions to Ask Yourself

​Now that we’ve dug into why you want a quality blender, what you would use them for, and how they would impact your day to day life, it’s time for you to explore the models and brands best suited for your needs.

​Check out the best blenders for your blending needs by answering the following questions:

​1. Am I going to be making smoothies, sauces, and other foods for just myself?

If yes, then you need:​

​The Nutri Ninja Pro

​The Nutri Ninja Pro receives 5 stars in customer reviews time and time again. It is the best bang for your buck for a personal size blender. Fibrous seeds don’t stand a chance against its small yet powerful blades. Something that makes this individual-serving stand out from the crowd is that you don’t have to add liquid to blend fruits, vegetables, greens, and seeds to make a smoothie. If you’re an experienced smoothie maker - and if you’re not, learn from our mistakes - adding too much liquid turns a delectable breakfast into a watered down disappointment. Ice gets crushed quite easily in this device.

It is also beneficial to your personal health as the personal-sized blending containers are BPA-free, eliminating a toxic plastic component from coming anywhere near your digestive system.​

The Nutri Ninja Pro’s consistent blades give you perfectly chopped onions, peppers, garlic, and any other vegetable you drop in there. It combines a 900 Watt motor with 21,000 RPM Pro Extractor Blades to grind the toughest of ingredients. Dips, flours, and sauces turn out with smooth consistency.

​2. Because I love cooking for the masses, do I need a powerful bigger blender that can pulverize seeds and fibrous strings to suit my versatile, culinary needs?

​If yes, then you’re looking at:

The Vitamix 5200 and Vitamix Professional Series 750 Blenders​

​The Vitamix 5200 and Vitamix Professional Series 750 Blender have the best results in completely crushing the most stubborn of ingredients, (like sweet potato strings and raspberry seeds) so these models are proven to work to make safe baby food.

Large batches is a specialty of the Vitamix 5200. The size and shape of the 64-ounce container is perfect for large batches of soups, sauces, smoothies, and more. It also features easily adjustable speed to achieve a variety of consistencies. It has a dial that can be rotated at any point during the blend so you can have control over the final product’s texture.​

Seeds are crushed by the power and precision of the patented designs of the blender blades that are created to pulverize every recipe ingredient. The blades also reach speeds fast enough to create heat by friction, bringing cold ingredients to steaming hot in about six minutes - faster than any stove-top.

​The Vitamix Professional 750 Series Blender is designed for gourmet chefs of the home. With five pre-programmed settings you can dump your ingredients in and walk-away, allowing you to multitask in the kitchen.

It ensures easy clean up since you can drop in dish soap and a splash of warm water, press a button and let the machine clean itself in 30-60 seconds.

​The quiet motor blenders the toughest of ingredients while not making a peep in the kitchen. It’s commercial-grade, 2.2-peak horsepower. The container is a low-profile, 64-ounce size allowing for family sized meals and entertaining, yet also fits well underneath most kitchen cabinets.

​3. Do I cook often but need something smaller-sized to avoid hogging up all of my counter space?

​If yes, then get ready to be a proud owner of the:

​The Kitchenaid 5-Speed Immersion Hand Blender KHB2561CU

​This KitchenAid hand blender is equipped with a strong, quiet direct current motor to last for years and supply controlled blending. It performs beyond the regular immersion blender since it comes with 5 speeds, an 8-inch removable arm and 3 interchangeable bell-shaped blades for specific and customizable use. The versatile blades allow for puree, blends, shredding and crushing ice for drinks and smoothies. You can also chop up and mince dense foods. Creaming, whipping and frothing is within this immersion blender’s capabilities.

The 2.5-cup chopper cup allows for larger sized portions when it comes to making dressings, sauces, and smoothies. You can stick the blender into stock pots to blend hot mixes into soups and cold ingredients alike. Because the hand blender is comprised of a few pieces, you can easily disassemble and clean after use and stick it right back in your cabinet.​

Bottom line

What is the best blender? That depends on how you plan to use it. Most people agree that the greatest blender on the market is either a Vitamix or Blendtec. Not surprisingly, those are also the most expensive and powerful blenders on the market. If you have enough money to buy them, they will give you reliable use for years and years.

The most important components of a good blender are the blades and motor. Logically, the best reviewed blenders have the biggest blades and the strongest motors. But other features that might not be considered are angled blades, funneled container bases, and multiple speed settings. We look at these as well as many other factors that make the top-rated blenders the best.

When you talk to people who have used these blenders, they will tell you how much they enjoy using them. These are impressive machines that can make it easier for you to blend recipes, clean up, and potentially save money over the next decade.

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